Research Methods

Glossary : Research Terms

Writing a Research Paper

  • How do I find sources : Using a library
  • Can I used this source? : Scholarly vs Non-scholarly sources

    Research Design

  • Qualitative Research Resources
  • Getting started with mixed methods research
  • A Quick Guide to Quantitative Research in the Social Sciences by Davies (book)

    Statistical Analysis

  • Cartoon Guide to Statistics by Gonick (book)
  • Freakonomics by Levitt (book)
  • How to Lie with Statistics by Huff (book)

    Citing References

  • APA : APA Style Handbook or Purdue Owl

    University Specific : Brightspace Portfolio Setup : this video.

    Cognitive Biases

    13 Types of Common Cognitive Biases That Might Be Impairing Your Judgement.

    50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World

    Maybe a free thinker but not a critical one: High conspiracy belief is associated with low critical thinking ability

    Meta-analysis information

    Burns, P. B., Rohrich, R. J., & Chung, K. C. (2011). The levels of evidence and their role in evidence-based medicine. Plastic and reconstructive surgery128(1), 305–310.

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