Introduction to Psychology

If you are looking for syllabi for past courses, please check the google syllabus archive .  As many might have realized, courses tend to be more project focused and less test focused.  

Introduction to Psychology

If you are a beginning college student, before you read further, you may wish to check out a playlist on some tools for productivity.

Projects tend to be a fair chunk of the grade.  Here are some examples of projects including a sampling of some of the songs.  In an effort to moved towards a flipped classroom, there is a plan to upload several of the course lectures including \”retired\” lectures.  They will be updated if and when necessary.

I would like to eventually split Sensation into Visual/Auditory/Other

Module 1  Biological – Research Design, Neuroscience (Part 1 : Brain, Part 2 : Neuron ), Altered States/States of Consciousness (Part 1: Levels of Awareness, Drugs, Sleep, Part 2 :  Hypnosis)

Module 2 Cognitive – Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (retired lecture), Sensation, Memory, Learning, Intelligence (Part 1 : History/General, Part 2 : Achievement )

Module 3 Developmental – Introduction to Developmental Psychology (retired lecture), Birth to Childhood, Adolescence, Aging/Old Age, Language

Module 4 Social – Introduction to Social Psychology, Persuasion (occasional lecture), Goals/Motivation (retired lecture), Helping/Cooperation, Personality, Emotion, Gender
Module 5 Abnormal – History of Mental Illness, Therapeutic Orientations, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Schizophrenia

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