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Introduction to Psychology

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Clinical Psychology
Research Methods : https://melsmarsh.com/teaching/research-methods/


SortYearTitleLocationSubjectFormatLMS (if applicable)# Students Taught
5020242024Adjunct FacultyAlabama State UniversityClinical Psychology (Fall 2024)Virtual / SynchronousCanvas
5020242024Adjunct FacultySouthern New Hampshire UniversityResearch Methods, 1 section (?? students), May-June 2024
Research Methods, 1 section (28 students), March-April 2024

Also Approved for
PSY 108 - Intro to Psychology
PSY 205 - Forensic Psychology
PSY 215 - Abnormal Psychology
PSY 223 - Research I: Statistics for Psychology
PSY 224 - Research II: Scientific Investigations
PSY 258 - Industrial Organizational Psychology
PSY 300 - Biopsychology
PSY 324 - Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSY 375 - Cognition
PSY 407 - Contemporary Issues in Applied Psychology
Virtual / AsynchronousDesire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace
5020192019-presentInstructor American College of SurgeonsStop the Bleed, Bleeding Control CourseIn person / Virtual
20222022National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Skills EvaluatorEtc Solutions, IncMedical Assessment
In personna
20222016-2022InstructorAfter Hours HypnotherapyClinical Supervision
Ericksonian Hypnosis
Introduction to Hypnosis
Virtual / Synchronous na-
20212020-2021Instructor of Record
Graduate Teaching Assistant 2
Georgia Southern UniversityIntroduction to Psychology, 2 sections, Spring 2021
Introduction to Psychology, 2 sections, Fall 2020
Hybrid / HyFlexDesire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace168
20192019Dedicated ESE assistantGeorgia Southern UniversityStagecraft, Fall 2019In personDesire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace1
20072007Course Designer, Teaching AssistantUniversity of North DakotaHuman Performance in Extreme Environments, Fall 2007
Human Performance in Extreme Environments, Summer 2007

Lecture - Asynchronous
Chat - Synchronous
20052000-2005Private TutorFMT EnterprisesAnthropology - Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Biology - General Biology 1, Sociobiology

Business - Computers in Your Future, Dynamics of Enterprise, Ethics for a Global Economy, Global Economics, Dynamic Business Communications, Leadership & Management for the Next Millennium, Professional Business Presentations, Principles of Contemporary Marketing

Computer Science - Application Development, Computer Systems, Concepts in Information Technology, Data Connected Applications, Introduction to Networks, Introduction to Windows 2000, Programming Concepts, Relational Database Management System Implementation

History - Western Civilization

Writing - General Writing
In person / Phonena-
20042003-2004Teaching AssistantEmory UniversityIntroduction to Biological Anthropology, Fall 2004
Evolution of Social Behavior, Spring 2004
Sex and Evolution , Spring 2004
Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Fall 2003
In personBlackboard120+
19981997-1998Teaching AssistantStranahan HighDrama I
English I
In personna60+
19971997 Teaching AssistantQuest CenterDrama I (ESE), FallIn personna45+


YearPlaceAward / HonourIssurerAreaCategory
2021WinnerTrailblazer Teaching AwardNepris / Pathful ConnectInternationalTeaching
2020naMastery, Evidence Based TeachingGeorgia Southern UniversityUniversityTeaching
2020naProficiency, Evidence Based TeachingGeorgia Southern UniversityUniversityTeaching
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