Missing Person Alert!

She was last seen 707 days ago and last heard from 546 days ago.  She was attending the University of Florida.


POSSIBLE UPDATE : She might be in McKenzie, Tennessee.

She is also an officer/board of directors of Honest Dolphin Holdings LLC.

Name : Teagan D. Hall

DOB : May 26, 2003

Height : 5’3″

Weight : ~100 lbs

Hair : Dark brown

Eyes : Greyish blue

Last known address : Gainesville, Florida

Last seen : July 19, 2022, Augusta GA

Last heard from : End of December 2022.

Both her parents, grandparents, and her Aunt Sally are all worried about her. The police refuse to open an investigation due to age despite being. Please note that she often used to claim to be an orphan she might be using this identity.

If anyone has heard from her, please contact us through any of the social medias or police or text 770-778-9016.

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