Missing Person Alert!

She was last seen 498 days ago and last heard from 337 days ago.  She was attending the University of Florida.


Name : Teagan Darwin Hall

DOB : May 26, 2003

Height : 5’3″

Weight : ~100 lbs

Hair : Dark brown

Eyes : Grey

Last known address : Gainesville, Florida

Last seen : July 19, 2022, Augusta GA

Last heard from : End of December 2022.  When I asked her to return my car which she was borrowing, when she wracked up tickets and massive bills (including one for $2000) many of which were coming in my name and my license was nearly suspended.  This was after 6 months of silence.  She left the car with three slashed tires, two broken door handles, and some other issues. No one however laid eyes on her.

Please note that she requires regular medical checkups due to her latent tuberculosis and that she has extensive mental health challenges including anxiety and depression.  She is neurodiverse and has a history of stating she is an orphan.

If you are reading this, we love you and just want you to get help!  Please come home!

If anyone has heard from her, please contact us through any of the social medias.