Podcast Interviews

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YearTitle / ShowMedia TypeTopic
2022Denver Hypno. Western Fringe.PodcastHypnosis
2022Episode 1022. Countdown to the Moon.Youtube EpisodeSpace
2020Psychology Educator, Godlike Stage Manager, and Positively Boring Lay Genealogist -Melvin M, Salt of the Earth InterviewsYoutube EpisodeGeneral
2017Episode 34: A Journey with Many Paths. Pride Connections.PodcastLGBT
2017Interview with a Hypnotherapist. Weird Wednesday.PodcastHypnosis
2017Past Life Regression - Weird Wednesday Video Bonus! Weird Wednesday.PodcastHypnosis
2017Talking with Melvin Marsh. NSV Online Radio.PodcastAutism
2017After Hours Entrepreneurship with Melvin Marsh. Intentionally Inspirational.PodcastEntrepreneurship
2017Exclusive Interview with After Hours Hypnotherapy. Dante Ftk.Youtube EpisodeHypnosis
2017Let’s talk about Gender, Part 2. Sex Spoken Here.PodcastTransgender issues
2017Let’s talk about Gender, Part 1. Sex Spoken Here.PodcastTransgender issues
2017Hypnotherapy - Achieve Pain and Anxiety Relief. That Business Show 2.0.PodcastHypnosis
2017From Being Bullied in Medical School to Successful Hypnotherapy Entrepreneur. New Theory Podcast.PodcastEntrepreneurship
2017Melvin Marsh, After Hours Hypnotherapy. Social Sidekick.PodcastHypnosis
2017Hypnosis Weekly Featuring Melvin Marsh. Hypnosis Weekly.PodcastHypnosis
2017Healing Through Hypnotherapy. Beyond Gender.PodcastHypnosis / Transgender issues
2017Edgington Post, Melvin Marsh, 2017-05-31. FreeTalkLive.PodcastBusiness
2017Understanding the LGBTQ Community as Healers. Healers Helping Healers. (Podcast renamed to Authors Inc)PodcastLGBT
2017Overcoming Adversity and Struggle with After Hours Hypnotherapy," Bringing Inspiration to Earth. (BITEradio.me)PodcastOvercoming Obstacles
2017Bonus: Melvin Marsh. Starving Artists PHX.PodcastHypnosis
2017Melvin Marsh and After Hours Hypnotherapy. Dream Nexus.PodcastHypnosis
2017Unaired. Business Innovators.PodcastBusiness
2009Informed Consent and Astrosociology. The Space Show.PodcastSpace
2008Astrosociology and Space Education. The Space Show.PodcastSpace
2007Deep Space Communication Project. The Space Show.PodcastSpace
2007Astrosociology. The Space Show.PodcastSpace


YearTraining TypeTitleGeneral TopicLocation
2023CertificateComplete Media Training Master Class - Confidence on CameraMedial TrainingMedia Training Worldwide, Udemy
2022Certificate / Learning PathDevelop Your Communication Skills and Interpersonal Influence (9 courses, 8 hours)Communication LinkedIn Learning
2021CertificateCommunicating with CharismaCommunicationLinkedIn Learning
2021SeminarHow to Land a Talk On The World's Biggest Stage How to Land A TEDx Talk & Spread Your Message to Millions In The Next 30 Days Scale Your Impact, Influence, & Income...Even If You've Never Spoken On Stage In Your LifePublic SpeakingTaylor Conroy, Thought Leader Coaching
2021CertificateSupercharge Your Presence: Give a TEDx Talk as a PsychologistPublic SpeakingAmerican Psychological Association
2007CoursePublic SpeakingPublic SpeakingGeorgia Perimeter College