Melvin S. Marsh is part time/freelance Stage Manager with occasional fortes into entertainment project management, directing, and producing.

A third generation Entertainment/Broadcast industry worker, Melvin S. Marsh has been working part time in entertainment for over 35 years starting with his theatrical debut at age 3.

While originally starting as an actor, he officially retired from acting in 1995.  That did not last long as in 1996 he was tricked into pivoting to stage management.  From there, he has held almost every position in theater.  During a health related hiatus from theater, he expanded into Radio, Television, and Film serving a variety of roles including being a PA/editor (The Space Show), being a producer, and an event medic.

A partial list of his productions is on IMDB and a full list of his productions is listed on Mandy

His production company is Turtle Tail Productions LLC.

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