Whether you’re facing a personal hurdle like a fear of needles, navigating the complexities of extreme environments, or tackling a challenging business project, Melvin S. Marsh can help you achieve your goals.

Melvin is a multifaceted consultant with expertise in a variety of areas, including:

  • Research
  • Human Performance and Human Factors
  • Bartering and Negotiation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Technology Transfer

If you’re facing a challenge and need an experienced consultant to help you overcome it, contact Melvin today for a free consultation.

Let’s discuss your specific needs and develop a plan to achieve your goals.


SortYearPositionCompanyDescriptionBusiness Model
500020232023-presentConsultant, Psychology Trypanophobia (Fear of needles) Infusion Access FoundationTrypanophobia ProjectB2C
500020072007-presentHuman Performance Consultant and Medical Hypnotherapist
After Hours HypnotherapyB2C
500020072007-presentResearch Consultant
Extreme Environment Psychology & Medicine Consulting LLC

(was a division of M.S. Marsh & Associates until 2015)
Consulting company. As of 2022, "Extreme Environment Psychology and Medicine Consulting LLC, a child series of Honest Dolphin Holdings LLC."B2B
500019991999-presentResearch ConsultantBest Genealogy Research LLCB2C
20232017-2023Bartering ConsultantM.S. Marsh & Associates LLC B2B
20152008-2015Diversity and Inclusion ConsultantM.S. Marsh & Associates LLC Specialist in transgender and disability issuesB2B
20122009-2012Project Manager and ConsultantM.S. Marsh & Associates LLCB2B
20092007-2009Consultant, Technology TransferForesight Science and TechnologySpecialist in Psychological and Biomedical Technologies SBIR B2B
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