Clinical Work

Melvin S. Marsh has been involved in the mental health field since 2002 and the medical field since 2009.  He holds an EMT license as well as a MS in Psychology.

Melvin worked as a Crisis Counselor starting with a LGBT Support Group and then volunteered in an Atlanta area hospital’s Emergency Department.  Then, getting his EMT license in 2015, he has worked 911, Interfacility Transport, and has served on multiple disaster response teams as both an EMT and Crisis Counselor.  (He would later earn a commendation for his work during the Covid19 pandemic as part of the Medical Reserve Corps.)

In 2017, he graduated with honors from Hypnosis Motivation Institute where he won several hypnosis related awards including the Directors Award for Excellence in Professional Practice.

Currently, he works as a medical hypnotherapist at After Hours Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapy practice specializing in anxiety, pain management, and various life coaching subtypes.  Holding over 13 mental health certifications, he is one of the highest rated hypnotherapists in the United States both in general practice and specifically medical hypnotherapy.


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