Converting to Judaism can be a confusing, intimidating affair. What if everything you needed to know was right in one place?

Leaving Bacon Behind is an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide for conversion that focuses on the questions prospective Jews by Choice are going to have.

What are good reasons to convert to Judaism?

What does converting to Judaism involve?

What is the conversion ceremony like?

What happens after the conversion?

This wide-ranging and in-depth exploration of the entire process goes beyond author Melvin Marsh’s challenging and lengthy ordeal converting to Judaism to provide as much information as possible for any possible set of circumstances you might have. From discrimination from fellow Jews to inappropriate motives for becoming Jewish, everything is on the table for discussion.

This book is a direct result of the questions the author fielded during his time as a moderator in one of the largest Jewish-by-Choice internet communities as well as his own personal experience as a disabled transsexual Jew by Choice.  Additionally, prior to being included in Leaving Bacon Behind, much of the content was discussed in Judaism conversion classes as a supplement to the live courses where questions, comments, and feedback from prospective Jews by Choice (and successful Jews by Choice) were obtained and incorporated into the new draft.  No other book on Jewish conversion has incorporated wide-scale peer-reviewed feedback from the target community.

Whether you’re a person converting for marriage, a person of color, a member of the LGBT community, someone with a disability, someone already married to a non-Jew, someone who already has children, or just someone with an interest in Judaism and how people join the faith, Leaving Bacon Behind has something for you.   Please note this book has discussions of Judaism, LGBT issues, and discrimination of various types.  If you are in a location where discussions of any of this is illegal, please reach out to me.  I want to help.

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