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Melvin S. Marsh is a parent, researcher, artist, clinician, entrepreneur, public speaker, educator, and most recently an author.

Melvin is innately curious about the world and is incredibly passionate about what makes humans human and how to use humanity’s potential to do great things. With people like Leonardo da Vinci (and truthfully also James Hyneman from Mythbusters) as role models, Melvin is always pushing himself to learn and to experience the world, he never stops learning and tries to constantly be the best at whatever is placed in front of him and does not say no to a challenge.  If someone says he can’t do something, he will try twice as hard to not only do it, but to be the best there is.  Melvin is the winner of the Nepris trailblazer teaching award (2021) for his work with 9-12 graders, has won multiple clinical awards for his work in hypnotherapy, and his first book “Leaving Bacon Behind” became an Amazon best seller and has been nominated for the Nonfiction Book Awards. Melvin is also a member of Actor’s Equity Association, having been both an actor as well as stage manager as well as an accomplished scientist with publications in Nature Human Behaviour and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


1981July 18th (Hollywood Florida), Melvin (born Melinda) was born to a broadcasting family. His mother, Laura Marsh, was an actress/musician, camera operator, stage manager, and traffic director for the local television and radio stations as well as some of the local theaters. His father, Richard Marsh, was a broadcast technician for Channel 7 (WSVN) and worked live sporting events doing senior video.
1984Performed in his first play. At some point around this time, he realized he was trans. His family did not approve.
1988Precocious puberty started at age 7
1990Melvin was labeled as having a mental disability when in school and his fourth grade teacher once told him that he was so stupid that he would probably not even graduate elementary school. He was tested and it would turn out to be an unknown condition, later identified as Asperger Syndrome (now just part of autism spectrum disorder) in combination with ADHD causing memory gaps. ADHD was not a female diagnosis so it would not be issued at the time. His IQ was not as she believed. However, the damage was done. Using the fictional role model of Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap as an example of a high IQ person with memory issues, he decided then that he was going to go not only to college, but to get a PhD and become a polymathic individual just to prove her wrong.
1991Came out as trans again (asked for a sex change) for Christmas.
1992A few months into the school year, he was thrown into a Gifted class against his and his parents knowledge and being required to make up the entire semester of a completely different curriculum. That lasted 2-3 weeks and the ulcer lasted longer. So became Melvin’s lifelong fascination with stress and stress reduction techniques.
1993In June or so his parents were divorced. In a month, his dad remarried to someone (a former school psychologist) with paranoid schizophrenia which would go on for years and led to constant harassment. In August, the school put him in the gifted program from the start with a different teacher. Melvin blames her (and her “simulations”) for the time he would eventually spend as a historical reenactor.
1995He retired from acting in June saying no more acting and no drama club. In August, he started high school (at a science magnet program) and fell for the sound technician leading to a short retirement.
1996In February Melvin dated an observant Jew and started being interested in that culture and and started the process of conversion. He stage managed (or rather ASMed) his first high school show in Spring.
1997In October he became a part time professional stage manager at 16 years old. He would work the next two seasons.
1998Melvin met Frank Hall through the Society for Creative Anachronism. They were handfasted October 5 just weeks after they met. Melvin published his first poem.
1999June Melvin graduated high school. Had his first seizure a few days later in a doctor's office. July 23, he married Frank who came with three kids and a $17,000 a year child support payment. They moved to a trailer park in Conyers, Georgia so Melvin could start college. Accidentally found all his great-grandmother's genealogy papers so began that interest
2001Received AA from Oxford College of Emory University in Liberal Arts.
2002Attempted to conceive, but after a few months, decided to wait until after graduation. Came out as transgender for the last time. Three months later, he ended up pregnant.
2003May 26, his daughter Teagan was born. In June, he started getting unexpected visits from Child Protective Services because the midwife reported him for being transgender. The unexpected visits would continue for several years. In August, Received BS from Emory University with a double major and double minor.
2004Started Space Studies degree, area of research ended up blending in evolutionary psychology training.
2007Received MS from University of North Dakota in Space Studies unfortunately just a few months before, his NASA job offer was rescinded due to a change in the requirements. He enrolled at Georgia Perimeter to get pre-medical requirements to make him qualified.
2008Diagnosed with epilepsy.
2009Started medical transition.
2010Continued harassment from Child Protective Services (and after multiple kidnapping attempts) had Laura offer to take Teagan until it settled down. This started the rift.
2012Converted to Judaism after 16 years. Started writing the first draft of "Leaving Bacon Behind"
2013The year Teagan was supposed to come back we were caught in the Bank of America robosigning scandal and lost our home the following year.
2015Was accepted to medical school and moved to Augusta. Diagnosed with Tuberculosis which at some point in the past had been active.
South Florida was suspected due to growing up in a hoarding situation. Medical school did not go well. Became a licensed EMT.
2016Diagnosed officially with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Resigned from medical school. Started practicing hypnotherapy.
2017Diagnosed with incredibly early stage uterine cancer ("Stage zero"). Once it was cleared, Frank diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer.
2019Started at Georgia Southern University in Psychology focusing on hypnosis.
2020First responder during the Covid19 disaster. At one point had 24 hour days, every day for four months.
2021Received MS from Georgia Southern University in Psychology
2022In Feb, Cauda Equina Syndrome injury when nurses dropped 400 lbs on him. Starting June 2022, he had the first of 11 deaths in 14 months (grandmother, aunt, 6 friends, and all three dogs). July, last time Teagan was seen and would not be heard from for six months. Gainesville had rash of trafficking which caused Melvin to losing all his hair from stress. December, last time Teagan was heard from.
2023Published in Nature Human Behaviour. Joined Actor's Equity. Published "Leaving Bacon Behind." Won Nonfiction Book Award.
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