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Melvin S. Marsh is a parent, researcher, artist, clinician, entrepreneur, public speaker, educator, and most recently an author.

Melvin is innately curious about the world and is incredibly passionate about what makes humans human and how to use humanity’s potential to do great things. With people like Leonardo da Vinci (and truthfully also James Hyneman from Mythbusters) as role models, Melvin is always pushing himself to learn and to experience the world, he never stops learning and tries to constantly be the best at whatever is placed in front of him and does not say no to a challenge.  If someone says he can’t do something, he will try twice as hard to not only do it, but to be the best there is.  Melvin is the winner of the Nepris trailblazer teaching award (2021) for his work with 9-12 graders, has won multiple clinical awards for his work in hypnotherapy, and his first book “Leaving Bacon Behind” became an Amazon best seller and has been nominated for the Nonfiction Book Awards. Melvin is also a member of Actor’s Equity Association, having been both an actor as well as stage manager as well as an accomplished scientist with publications in Nature Human Behaviour and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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