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I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduction for all the people coming because of my new book Leaving Bacon Behind which you can buy anywhere.

My name is Melvin Marsh and I am originally from South Florida. I went to college in Georgia expecting to return to Florida, but even four years later, South Florida has priced me out from ever living there again. I can still hope I suppose. I currently live in Augusta, Georgia.

I’ve been pretty blessed to work in multiple areas in jobs that many people want, but very few people are lucky enough to pursue and I have tended to do them relatively parallel. I take great pride in the fact that with the extent of a work-study position in college, I have never worked in an office.

I primarily consider myself a researcher and project manager. I have a pretty extensive history in various forms of research, mostly in social sciences, which include being a human factors engineer and various other forms of psychologist and anthropologist. I’ve worked in a zoo, worked in the space industry, worked as a genealogist. I have several science degrees which make me happy.

I also have a pretty extensive entertainment industry career as my parents both worked in broadcasting (tv/radio production mostly) and their hobbies ALSO involved the entertainment industry (mom also had a theater history), so it is my second home. I’ve worked in radio, film, theater, TV, and various events in everything from acting to production. I also am a public speaker.

I also was working as an EMT as another part time job until my back injury which broke my back in several places due to a bad lift.

I’ve also, of course, because I am a project manager, have done a fair amount of business work. Ended up being president of some of the small companies and have been executive director of some non-profits.

Personally, and you probably know this if you know of “Leaving Bacon Behind”, I converted to Judaism. All proceeds from this book as well as pretty much all my money for anything, is going to try to locate missing University of Florida student, Teagan Hall. She was last seen 435 days ago.

Otherwise, I am transsexual. I am married to the same person I was before transition and conversion. There are three stepchildren and the aforementioned biological daughter who is missing. There is a cat and I usually have dogs, but the dog referenced in my acknowledgements of the book, Corky, passed away a month ago today so I am dogless (he was death 11 in 14 months) and I am hoping to adopt another dog soon and I have an application out at a sheepdog rescue and I am also looking at dogs with special needs. Hobbywise, I like to read, write, volunteer, and… well… work. Less than 12 hours a day gets me nervous. So 15-20 hours a week of volunteer work isn’t unusual for me.

If you want to get blog emails to your inbox, use the widget on the side. It is supposed to be double opt in to reduce spam. I have it set to deliver all blog posts for that week once a week. Not that I post most weeks.

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