Meet Me Monday : Where was the most unusual place you went to sleep?


(Found this question when a LI connection commented on it a few days ago.  I can’t find the exact question anymore but I remember what the jist was.)

Question : Where was the most unusual place you went to sleep?

Having been #homeless several times, I’ve slept in some weird places including in my car in multiple occasions.

One of those times was a few minutes outside of Hell, Michigan.  It was 19 degrees Fahrenheit (and yes Hell had frozen over) and I was curled into the back sleeping in a Toyota Corolla in a sleeping back trying to keep warm in a truck stop for security.

I was applying for medical school and had a medical school interview in a few days so had to make my way up from an abandoned house I had been saying in (with no insulation in the middle of winter) to make it to the #interview and since I had no money and barely could pay for the gas, I had to interview that way including sans shower. (Shower would have cost me $12)

It was a full day interview with something like 10 different interviews that day.

The things we do it get a chance and no I did not get in.

That was at least the most unusual situation and I think that is what I think was the weirdest.  Come on, I was camping near a frozen Hell.

Most people however tend to get weirded out when they find out I slept in my car in Marfa Texas.  I was just there wanting to see if I could see the Marfa lights.  🙂


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