Meet Me Monday : What is the most confusing thing in the world to you?


Question : What is the most confusing thing in the world to you? 


As someone with #autism, I can easily state that other people are the most confusing thing to me.

I have been trying to understand people for years, especially why they lie and say things they don’t mean.

Why people engage in conversation (or drop into my DMs) and ask me questions, such as about jobs but then never get back to me when I express interest.

I understand why people might not want to hurt other people’s feelings, but this is otherwise silly.

And I am someone who has learned how to read expressions and can reasonably pass as someone who is #neurotypical.

At least with other people on the spectrum, they are going to tell you the truth and as someone who considers the truth one of the most important things in the world, they are much better in my opinion.

Is that always the best? No, but is certainly better than hiding of the truth by many others.

This honesty is exactly why autistics are so good at a lot of jobs. They aren’t going to hide from you and they will tell you exactly what they think if something isn’t going to work. Unfortunately, there is a reluctance for companies to hire people with autism for jobs that are not engineering or programming positions.

Some of us are creatives or managers, such as me on both accounts.

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